Retirement of David Perril

It was announced before Christmas that David Perril was to retire at the end of the year as Reader to the South West Framland (SWF) Group. To that end the SWF Group Service at Ashby Folville on December 29th which was well attended by people from all the villages was to be Davids final service. The Diocesan Warden of Readers Andy Smith preached at the service and also thanked David for his dedicated ministry to the villages in SWF and in particular to the communities of the Burrough Hill Parishes. At the end of the Service Revd Neil Stothers presented a bouquet of flowers to Lorraine Perril and a gift to David from contributions from across the SWF Group, adding his thanks to David for a job well done. Revd Neil was pleased to note that although retiring as Reader in SWF he and Lorraine would be continuing their house groups in 2020. David was also to retire from Somerby PCC and was thanked by Revd Neil and Churchwarden Vanda Pitcher for his commitment to the Parish Church.

Somerby Parochial Church Council - Vacancy for a Treasurer

With Davids retirement from the PCC, he also retires as the Treasurer to the PCC. This is an essential task for the good and efficient running of the Parish Church and so a replacement will need to be found as soon as possible. The account can be administrated using simple book keeping principals and would not be an onerous responsibility. There would be a need to attend PCC meetings (up to four a year) to report on the current finances and to present accounts at year end which is 31st December. A Treasurer can be a co-opted post to the PCC and does not require the office holder to be a communicant member of the Church of England. If you would like to discuss how you might help the Parish Church with this task please get in touch with Vic Allsop at the SWF Parish Office on 01664 561909 on Tuesdays or Fridays or email to arrange to chat about what is involved. Somerby PCC would be delighted to hear from anyone who felt they could be of assistance here.

Posted: Sat, 01 Feb 2020 18:03 by Kathryn Staley

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