Somerby Recycling & Household Waste Site

LCC have updated the Parish Council as follows:

Unfortunately due to the significant pressures with continuing HGV driver shortages and staffing issues through Covid-19 in the waste management service to an extent that makes some disruption to the Recycling and Household Waste Site (RHWS) Service inevitable. As such, we have taken a proactive approach to ensure that statutory obligations continue to be met and that any disruption is limited to lower usage and secondary RHWSs wherever possible. This has meant that Bottesford, Shepshed and Somerby RHWSs have been temporarily closed until further notice.

There are other RHWSs in the local area that remain open 5 days per week for residents to take any excess household waste they may have (Melton is probably the nearest) and you can check opening hours here

We apologies for the inconvenience this has caused but please be reassured that the decision to temporarily close these sites has not been taken lightly and it is important to note that these sites will be re-opened as soon as resources allow.

Please ensure you keep checking our website which is kept as up to date as possible with any changes.

Posted: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 16:08 by Kathryn Staley

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